dablacKdog is an social media & streamer engagement project using integrated QR-code technology.

dabLacKdog aims to encourage the use of QRC’s for marketing, ease of access , clean UI, HUD and UX elements in live stream entertainment.

+ user engagement
+ Ad placement
+ digital marketing
+ easy eStore access
+ immersion

the aim is to make it quick and simple for audiences to :
access social media platforms from hand held devices, maintain full screen immersion for viewers using monitors/ tablets and TeleVision sets, purchase from online stores as well as other online digital marketing strategies to help streamers connect more with their viewers.

QRN (Q)uick(R)esponse. Network

high speed internet is becoming more and more common place and along with it mobile phone use is growing on a yearly bases..
it is now possible to connect multiple networks of online content creators into a more diverse/ decentralized & ‘audience first’ entertainment enviroment.

QR Codes as a way to create interactive and engaging content.

Integrating QRC’s directly into overlay design can be used as a promotional tool for streamers /ad space for marketing ventures and more engaging content the viewer with as little intrusion to the viewer as possible in an effort to not interrupt immersion of content.

June 17, 2020